Workshop de Teresa Sdralevich

20.05.19 TO

Le Signe & Entrepôt Tisza Textile

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Etudiant·e·s, Jeunes Pros

In this workshop the participants are invited to draw up a state of play of the new conjugations of the verb ‘work’. Safety posters (except for the work of a great one, Chadebec) are generally not very exciting: The game can surely be revitalized the genre! 

Point out all sorts of dangers, recall the existing protection equipment, and take a stand for or against changes in working conditions. 

Quick thinking, humour, powerful slogans will be encouraged. With the aim to screen print these posters, the participants will try to be self-sufficient (drawing, cuttings, manual lettering, one colour print). 

They will diffuse their works by different means –billposting in public space and collaborating with trade unions and local companies. Look out, posters!