25th Students competition : This world we share

22.09.21 TO

Le Signe


Deadline for registration :

2 March 2021, 23:59.

25th Students competition : This world we share

For the 25th edition of the student competition of the Biennale de design graphique of Chaumont we invite you to address an issue that has a big impact on our societies.

This means exploring and making visible and legible facts based on observations by means of data production as opposed to manufacturing fakes. How can graphic design practice contribute to restoring the focus on social and societal criticism? How can graphic design tools be used to bring knowledge to the greatest number through by what can be called modesty injustice, considering our consumer structure?

The student competition invites teachers and students to reflect upon the role of graphic design in our contemporary societies – and consequently, invite them to imagine their own stance facing the various social issues.

Whether transposed to posters, printed editorial objects or screens, this performative reflection cannot remain abstract and needs to be translated into a communicative object visualizing data, for which the participants implement their know-how and graphic design skills, combining them with information and data from transversal fields of research and interest with, last but not least, the strong will to share this world surrounding us.