Chemin Papier, l'illustration et ses marges

March 31 - September 16 2018
Opening : Friday, March 30, 6 PM

What is illustration today?
Quite a few things, in fact. Even if it still exists as such in the press and in publishing, illustrators continually step over its limits in order to engage in other fields of creation: graphic novels, posters, exhibitions, ceramics, textile...
Chemin Papier, l’illustration et ses marges offers an answer to the question by regarding the personal approach of fifteen among the most talented contemporary…

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L'Europe à l'affiche. Les Collections du Signe

A month of celebration of Europe

Chaumont’s rich posters collection was built along with the 26 editions of the International Posters Competition, since 1990. For the Month of Europe in spring 2018, le Signe was invited by Région Grand Est to expose Europe through a selection of 30 posters from the collection, at La Maison de la Région, in Strasbourg.
The theme of Europe is particularly well represented in le Signe’s collections, with no less than two hundred posters. The selection shown in the exhibition invites…

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