The 27th edition of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont will not take place in 2016 but in the spring of 2017.

The Centre du graphisme could not open in proper conditions in time for the spring, the structure of the festival and this new cultural tool also needing to harmonise.

Consequently, the Festival association, the town of Chaumont and its financial partners decided by mutual agreement not to take the risk of organizing a festival without being able to use the space provided by the new Centre, nor the financial and human resources it calls for.

The Centre du graphisme will now open as of October 2016 with a great inaugural exhibition presenting the collections of both vintage and contemporary posters belonging to the town of Chaumont.

The festival and graphic design team renewed in its art direction and management will inform and invite graphic artists, students and the general public in due time to take part in the competitions that you have been faithful to for over 25 years, in the perspective of a 2017 festival of a high quality and diversity in order to federate all the practices in graphic design.

This year 2016 shall be dedicated to the prefiguration of the Centre and its missions including exhibitions, interpretation and conservation of graphic design pieces from all practices and currents, vocational training, research and the involvement of the discipline and its professionals in innovative economic and creative actions.

Looking forward to seeing you again – just a little bit later....

The Chaumont team