Cartography of graphic design research

Cartography of graphic design research

May 13 - August 6

Le Signe, centre national du graphisme

Curator : Vivien Philizot, Malte Martin

Scenography: Philippe Reading

The exhibition presents a snapshot of the landscape of research in graphic design in France. Open to different perspectives developed on the international scene, the exhibition aims to make audience aware of the reflexive dimension of emerging research programs.

Beyond the idea of graphic design as decorative arts, the various programs and problematics of research are questionned in this exhibition. It reaffirms graphic design’s fundamental role in addressing social, economic, political and cultural issues.

What can graphic design do for the transmission of knowledge? How to transcribe and annotate sign language? What is the place of design in the fields of economy of transition and ecology ? Can graphic design help to rethink our relationship to interactivity and the digital, and how ? Which conditions can we imagine for the making of an archeology of digital publishing ? How can graphic design organize the transition from analogical to digital? These various questions are just a few examples about the legitimate articulation of design that László Moholy-Nagy called simply : life.

Opening hours :
Wednesday - Sunday :
2 pm - 7 pm

Une cartographie de la recherche en design graphique