The laureates of the International posters competition 2017

1st prize (4000 €)
Ralph Schraivogel (CH)

2nd prize (2000 €)
Pierre Vanni (FR)

3rd prize (1000 €)
Richard Niessen (NL)

Chairmen of the panel of the jury 
Helmo (Clément Vauchez & Thomas Couderc) (F)

Jury members
Esther de Vries (NL) 
Nina Wehrle (CH) 
Jaemin Lee (KR) 
Markus Dressen (D)

About the International poster competition In 1990, the Chaumont Poster Festival was founded upon a revelation. A few years earlier, thousands of posters from the 19th century that were kept in the municipal library, had been rediscovered and restored. In recognition of the significance of exhibiting these works from the Belle Epoque, a festival was created. Also, a contemporary counterpart to the collection of vintage posters was imagined: the organization of an international competition in order to present poster makers of the present times and to build up a collection. The festival opened up to a lesson in cultural heritage.
The applying posters have to be produced in a context of an effective command. The juries, made up of practitioners recognized by their peers, reply to the demanding nature and strengthen the credibility of such a competition seeking to address professionals and display the brightest and the best.
The identity of the competition is defined around the authors’ writing, the topicality of the forms and the quality of the commissioning. The selection is to be a panoramic exhibition of the best contemporary creation in the field of poster making.
In 2017, the Chaumont poster festival became the Biennial of graphic design of Chaumont. The Biennale is organized by le Signe, centre national du graphisme, opened in October 2016 as a continuation of the history of graphic design in Chaumont.
The international jury selected from more than 2,000 posters that applied in the contest, 146 posters, exhibited in le Signe from May 13 to September 24, 2017, at the Graphic Design Biennial of Chaumont.
In order to honor the International Poster Competition, le Signe devotes to the selection of the competition the most important exhibition of its existence, with a scenography by Jean Schneider.
The exposition the International Competition is a tool: a tool of transmission about the issues and aesthetics of contemporary graphic design. This interface enables a focus on the virtuosity of the designers, their graphic tools and the diversity of the world of print.
The catalog of the exhibition is designed by Helmo and published by le Signe.

Ralph Schraivogel
Pierre Vanni
Pierre Vanni
Richard Niessen
Richard Niessen
Richard Niessen
Richard Niessen
Richard Niessen
Richard Niessen