Student comptetition "All to Chaumont!" 2017

For the first competition since the opening, le Signe invited students for a research of creation of tools. The aim was to elaborate a tool that contributes to the transmission of knowledge by means of graphic design and enables a renewed interpretation of the world. 
On the basis of its educational mission, le Signe proposed Lucile Bataille, graphic designer — working on issues of transmission of knowledge — to draught the theme of the competition « Students, All to Chaumont ! » 2017, and to chair the jury of the 2017 student competition. 
The selection of the competition is exhibited during the Biennale of graphic design, in le Signe, centre national du graphisme, and curated by Lucile Bataille and David des Moutis.

Composition of the jury :

  • Francesca Cozzolino
  • Pauline Gourlet
  • Anthony Masure
  • Ivan Murit
  • Ko Sliggers
  • Chairman : Lucile Bataille

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