Workshops Biennial 2017

The Biennial of graphic design offers a great moment for creativity and sharing practices with 7 student workshops.

Students and graphic designers - may they be renowned or just started- brought together in one place for a whole week, create and explore together the multiple forms and territories of design.

They come form different disciplines and all work differently, offering the students a unique experience in touch with a graphic design studio. It is also a great opportunity to work together with students from different backgrounds and culture and to attend the highlights of an international event.

The workshops include a program of daily lectures and other activities allowing for the students and professionals to share their views and experiences, i.e. active learning and creating

Workshops : May 14-21

The outcomes of the workshop productions will be shown to all Biennial visitors from May 20-June 4.
How to register to a workshop ? Practical information and programme to download in the pdf document.

7 workshops/ 7 studios for a laboratory of forms (Christian Lagé & Simone Schöler) DE

Bart de Baets & Fabian Reichle NL

Hi (Megi Zumstein & Claudio Barandun) CH

Sandrine Nugue FR

Pernelle Poyet FR

Niklaus Troxler CH

Laurence Yared FR