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Étienne Hervy
Pôle graphisme de Chaumont
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Les Silos, maison du livre et de l’affiche
7-9 av. Foch, 52000 Chaumont

Ville de Chaumont
Hôtel de Ville, Place la Concorde, 52000 Chaumont
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Pierre Delmas Bouly and Patrick Lallemand
34, rue Grenette, 69002 Lyon
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Martial Geoffre-Rouland

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Julien Lelièvre

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Paul Jones

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The links given to other websites are for guidance only, and the Municipality of Chaumont’s Graphic Design Department declines all liability for them with regard to content and terms of access. Conversely, any physical person or legal entity wishing to create one or more links to one or more pages of the present website must give prior notification to the Director of Graphic Design. However, the following are in principle authorised without express prior consent:
- quotation, respecting the author’s moral right by stating their name and the source.
- the creation of a link, on the imperative condition that said link opens a whole page under the URL of the present website in a new window of the browser. This authorisation in no case applies to websites that disseminate information of a racist, pornographic, xenophobic or controversial nature or which is generally liable to offend most people.

Confidentiality policy
The collection of personal data on this website results from the voluntary communication of an email address when requesting registration for the newsletter of the Graphic Design Department and of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont. Such data is for internal use only, and will in no case be transferred or sold to a third party. Under France’s data-protection law of 6 January 1978, amended by the law of 9 August 2004, all users are entitled to access, correct, change and delete their data. To exercise this right, you may write to the person responsible at the following address: Les Silos, Maison du Livre et de l’Affiche, 7-9 av. Foch, 52000 Chaumont, France.

The Municipality of Chaumont’s Graphic Design Department takes every care to ensure that the information disseminated on this website is exact and up to date. The Graphic Design Department reserves the right to correct the content thereof at any time and without notice. Owing to possible updates, the Graphic Design Department cannot guarantee that the information provided on this website is exact, accurate and exhaustive. As a result, the Municipality of Chaumont’s Graphic Design Department declines any liability for:
- any damage arising from intrusion by a third party that causes a change to the information on the website;
- more generally, any direct or indirect damage regardless of cause, origin or nature and consequences arising from access to the website or from the impossibility of access thereto, as well as any damage to users’ hardware;
- any website interruption or bugs.