Les Petits Spécimens - Opus 2 : "Tout se transforme"

14 February to 22 April 2018
free entrance

Le Signe pursues its exploration of digital and visual design through this immersive and interactive playground for the young: "Les Petits Specimens" Opus 2, with a digital playground : "Tout se transforme".

"Les Petits Specimens" is the annual venue of le Signe with its young audience, with schools and families and all those curious to discover graphic design under a more technological and innovating aspect. This program is a laboratory for research and development in matters of artistic experience and education to aesthetics.
In a playful manner you get acquainted with different forms of design. It aims at developing a clearer relation between art and our daily life. The project is to be fun, like an act of imagination , of creativity. The children play and learn. It is like a springboard for imagining together, parents, educators, interpreters, new forms of acquiring knowledge. Games as an access to a more intellectual, social and artistic development.

For its first edition 2017, launched just a few months after the opening of the centre, the audience was forthcoming: 4300 visitors dove into the installations of “Tout est dans tout”, to test the collections of application, films, books, explore the graphic tools and invent paper and/ or digital tools during the workshops. Lucile Bataille, graphic designer in residence deployed her graphic tools for transmitting knowledge and drawing mobile landscapes.

For this second edition entitled “Tout se transforme”, Catherine di Sciullo, curator of the exhibition and head of interpretation at le Signe, proposed the visual design studio Chevalvert to design the staging and the visual identity. During a residency, Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet, co-founders of the studio Chevalvert, created new pieces. The playground is like a factory, where raw material, machines and human gestures take part in the transformation of elements. Here, shapes and objects are magically turned into music scores, lights, scalable graphic charts. Everyone is free to experience the four installations in the playground.

Resource spaces invite the visitors to dive into applications, books, soundbanks. The works can be played together, with the body or the voice. You become your own orchestra director or composer!

A cultural program full of conferences, workshops, entertainments and special events onThursday evenings accompanies the show. Everything is free of charge, the playground exhibition and the workshops!

In Chaumont, winter is graphic and playful!

Catherine di Sciullo, exhibition curator // Chevalvert, design

The four installations

First creation 2013, augmented in 2018
Creation | Chevalvert
Contributors | Stéphane Buellet, Patrick Paleta, Julia Puyo Calvo
Emblematic work by Chevalvert, Murmur is presented in a room offering an immersive and collaborative installation. The children interact with the work with their voice in order to recreate unique magical visual and sound universes

Le Sonophage
Creation 2018, Studio de design Chevalvert
Contributors | Stéphane Buellet, Arnaud Juracek, Patrick Paleta, Julia Puyo Calvo
This creation is inspired by the issue of industrial transformation.The factory, where material is constantly manufactured, recycled, is a collaborative environment, by excellence. Sonophage allows you to freely dispose of shapes and graphic signs on.

La Canopée sonore
Creation 2018, Studio de design Chevalvert
Contributors | Stéphane Buellet, Arnaud Juracek, Patrick Paleta, Julia Puyo Calvo
This monumental music instrument is a modular architecture with a suspended spinal column reacting to the passing by of the visitors. An achievement in interactive design,the Sound Canopy is covered with movement sensors and leds. Through the light and musical interaction witht their movements, the young and adults become musicians together.

Le Pianographe
Creation 2016, Florent and Romain Bodart
Playful and poetic incarnation of the harmonium of the 19th century and the modern synthesizer. This instrument was created by two brother, one is a graphic designer the other musician. It can simultaneously trigger sounds and videos and compose a visual and musical painting whilst exploring the sound spectrum broadened by electronic music.