2012 Festival main catalogue

For this twenty-third edition of the Festival, Étienne Hervy and Émilie Lamy asked Laurent Fétis and Sarah Martinon to take care of the editorial conception of the catalogue.
This catalogue is one more object to all the ingredients that made this edition 2012. The value it owns interrogates the idea of what is a picture book and the link between a text, a visual and a print support. Fétis’ book culture, his knowledge of classical models is confronted here to the contemporary context.
The graphic designers requested the photographer Matthew Frost’s sight. A first set of photographs of the International Competition selected posters goes alongside texts relating the themes that the programming raised. A text written by Gilles Rouffineau about the notion of competition completes the catalogue section of the International Competition ; an essay by James Goggin entitled “The Means to an End of Print” echoes the presentation of “Babel on Demand : un manifeste monumental”, an on printing-demand book collection which “activates the graphic designer as a book author” ; several other texts supports the “White Noise, When Graphics Make the Noise” exhibition. Next to a text written by Fanette Mellier, Matthew Frost comes back through a series of photographs taken in the printing house Lézard Graphique.

Contents :
- Concours international / International competition, photos : Matthew Frost
- Brave Book Run (In My Bibliothèque), Étienne Hervy & Émilie Lamy
- Ils ne concouraient pas tous, mais tous ils concouraient / They didn't all enter, but they all came, Gilles Rouffineau
- Concours international, catalogue
- Moving Picture Show
- Entretien / Discussion, Jürg Lehni, Joël Vacheron
- Babel on Demand : un manifeste monumental, catalogue
- Les moyens vers une fin de l'impression / The Means to an End of Print, James Goggin
- White Noise, When Graphics Make the Noise
- Barney Bubbles, Paul Gorman
- Dirty, Sonic Youth / Mike Kelley, 1992, Antoine Marchand
- Goo, Sonic Youth / Raymond Pettibon, 1990, Étienne Hervy
- Daydream Nation, Sonic Youth / Gerhard Richter, 1988, Nicolas Ledoux
- Un Imprimeur, catalogue
- Lézard Graphique, photos : Matthew Frost
- fanette + lézard, Fanette Mellier

Colophon :
- Direction éditoriale / Editing managers : Étienne Hervy, Émilie Lamy
- Conception éditoriale et graphique / Editorial conception and Graphic design : Laurent Fétis, Sarah Martinon
- Photographies / Photographs (couverture / cover, pp.1-84, 90-92, 156-180) : Matthew Frost
- Photo (p.133) : Laurent Fétis
- Image (p.93) : Josiane Fétis
- Traductions / Translations : Paul Jones (F-GB), Jean-François Allain (GB-F)
- Correction / Proofreading : Bénédicte Rauzier
- Impression / Printing : Art & Caractère
- Distribution : Pyramyd
- Dépôt légal / Legal Registration : May 2012