Ed Fella’s Chaumont collages

When Californian graphic designer Ed Fella came to Chaumont in May 2011 on the occasion of his exhibition, he gathered materials from the town’s walls and streets: brochures, torn posters, pieces of advertisements, etc. – all kinds of bits of paper. Back in Los Angeles, Fella transformed this raw material into two series of abstract compositions, which sum up the festival community’s engagement with the event. They include items from the festival’s communications collateral as well as elements of the posters produced for the “Inkremental” outdoor exhibition.

Ed Fella has donated these two series to Chaumont, where they have joined the municipal collection. In November 2011, the series received its maiden show in an enriched version of the “Ed Fella Documents” exhibition, being staged in Marseille by the Fotokino non-profit association as part of the Laterna Magica festival.