Publication 2013

The publication of the 24th International Poster Festival is the result of a demand to Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, a graphic designer working and living in Bruxelles. Upstream of the design, she is associated with the editing managers of the project : Étienne Hervy and Lise Brosseau. It offers items able to fill the thinking and the graphic culture rather than leaving a trace of the Festival.
"Référentiel / Reference Manual" gathers a set of references linked to the programming and graphic demand of the Festival (official festival poster, program, street plan, signage, exhibitions...) and gives supplementary texts and files. For instance, the visual artist and graphic designer Nicolas Ledoux submits a text entitled "The art of reference". According to him, "the reference can become the work". It is true concerning this catalog : filled with the Festival, it becomes a real part of its programming. References makes the practice and the creation. Then, this book turns into an object which brings the readers and Festival visitors closer to its actors (organizers, graphic designers, contributors...). What's more, it allows to expand the graphic and cultural area of this annual gathering. Beyond the references provided by the participants (Joost Grootens with his street plan, Anthony Burrill for the signage, Dexter Sinister with the "Identity" exhibition...), it enables the appearance of Cox & Grusenmeyer with their "Daily Report".
This book is the original product of a partnership between the Festival and a graphic designer, like all the events.

Contents :
- Center,setting and environment, Étienne Hervy
- Plan de ville / Street plan, Joost Grootens
- Rapport quotidien / Daily report, Cox & Grusenmeyer
- "Identity", Dexter Sinister
- Signalétique / Signage, Anthony Burrill
- L’art de la référence / The art of reference, Nicolas Ledoux
- Monozukuri, Sacha Léopold, François Havegeer and Thierry Chancogne
- Panorama, Barbara Quintin and David des Moutis
- Papier peint / Wallpaper, Karel Martens
- Storytelling, Sven Ehman and Dennis Elbers
- Affiche d’annonce du Festival / Official Festival Poster, Christophe Jacquet and texts by Thierry Chancogne et Frédéric Wecker
- Nomadic Chess : Géography, Metahaven
- Concours « Étudiants, tous à Chaumont ! » / “Students, all to Chaumont !” Competition, Birte Veenkamp & Danicha Leliveld, Nicolas Balaine et Sabrina Nacmias
- Publication du Festival / Festival publication, Manuela Dechamps Otamendi
- Direction Artistique / Artistic direction, Étienne Hervy and Lise Brosseau
- Annonces presse, Invitation, Programme / Press advertising, Invitation, Programme, Jean-Marie Courant & Marie Proyart

Colophon :
- Editing managers : Étienne Hervy, Lise Brosseau, Manuela Dechamps Otamendi
- Editorial conception and graphic design : Manuel Dechamps Otamendi
- Translation : Paul Jones (F - GB), Amarante Szidon (GB - F)
- Proofreading : Marie Le Lagadec
- Printing : Imprimerie Moderne de l’Est (IME)
- Binding : Clément SAS
- Distribution : Pyramyd Éditions
- Font : Lucida Sans Typewriter
- Papers : Munken Lynx 90g., Munken Polar Rough 90g. (Arctic Paper), Napura Canvas Azur 130g. (Winter&Compay)
- Legal Registration : May 2013

On sale on Pyramyd publishing's website ou sur demande auprès du Festival [contact : Susanne Schroeder,]