Affiche de saison 2017-2018


Selection of the jury of the 28th International posters competition, 2019.

Season’s poster 2018-2019, handpainted.

Theatre is a place for the Word and posters echo this Word, all the words pronounced on stage.  The handwritten text emphasizes the lively and personified character of theatre art.

For the 2018-2019 season, a first series of posters was distributed in June 2018, all shouting out the word “FIRE!” in the heart of an incandescent graphic environment, so as to give the starting signal of the season.

The word JEU (game)  has several meanings here. It also refers to the comedians playing on stage and the graphic composition leads us to a joyful (and playful) interpretation that interacts with the spectator.

Format : 175 X 118.5 cm
Technique : SĂ©rigraphie
Année de création : 2018
Pays d’origine : France
Commanditaire : Théâtre Sorano
N° d'inventaire : 28.217.0498 h

(c) Cucufa