Au Havre la terre tourne !

Virgile Laguin

 28th selection of the jury of the International Posters Competition 2019.

This announcement poster is graphic interpretation of the Foucault pendulum for the installation of one at the University Library in 2017. The red circles, printed using an organic raster for a more tactile and poetic touch, recall the Earth, its rotation and at the same time, the oscillating movement of the pendulum. The shiny black strips represent the scaling on the pendulum. The placement of the writing reinforces the notion of the Earth’s rotation and the moving solar system. The idea of endlessness of space is obtained by the black background.

Format : 175.5 X 118.5 cm
Technique : SĂ©rigraphie
Année de création : 2017
Pays d’origine : France
Commanditaire : Bibliothèque universitaire Le Havre
N° d'inventaire : 28.020.0044

(c) Virgile Laguin