Expédition, Réception

Geoffrey Saint-Martin

 28th selection of the jury of the International Posters Competition, 2019.

When the Art and Design School of Amiens invited Geoffrey Saint-Martin to present his exhibition Terre Inconnue to its students, he reworked the project. Considering that the first exhibition had taken place at the Bel Ordinaire during his residency and presented the art centre, the subject of the second poster had to be itineration. It had to refer to the past exhibition and at the same time assert its own existence. Textile, which in the first poster is used for the display, is a means of preservation in the second one. The two visuals on this poster document the transport of the works. The spider web which is applied with a selective varnish refers to the time going by during the project.

Format : 176 X 120 cm
Technique : Sérigraphie
Année de création : 2017
Pays d’origine : France
Commanditaire : ÉSAD Amiens
N° d'inventaire : 28.200.0464

(c) Geoffrey Saint-Martin