Un ennemi du peuple


Selection of the jury of the 28th International posters competition, 2019.

Handpainted season’s  poster. They chose a graphic system where text constructs the image. The handwriting emphasizes the liveliness of personification in theatre.

The play « Un Ennemi du Peuple Â» stages a text by Ibsen about  an affair where the pollution of the water in a spa house is covered by the mayor to avoid a financial disaster. Water is not only the metaphor for life but also of death, embodied by the spectral and liquefied face on the poster, that of the mayor.

The colours and inks used illustrate the subject: a metallic blue for the (water)-skull and a black background. The yellow associated with the black recalls the colour codes of detective novels.

Format : 175.5 X 120 cm
Technique : SĂ©rigraphie
Année de création : 2018
Pays d’origine : France
Commanditaire : Théâtre Sorano
N° d'inventaire : 28.217.0498 f

(c) Cucufa