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Cinq installations de Richard Niessen

22.11.18 TO

Le Signe

Free of charge


Curator & Scenography
Richard Niessen

The graphic designer Richard Nieessen, who has been awarded two prizes by the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont (2013 and 2017) has, over the last decade, been developing a working method of assembling and combining graphic elements that he calls “typographic  masonry”, an allusion to the virtuous use by the guilds of signs and symbols as a secret language. The exhibition allows us to understand this guiding line of the Dutch designer’s work through five monumental installations pushing the traditional boundaries of graphic design. 

The first one, already presented at the Chapelle des Jésuites in Chaumont in 2007, brings together 150 posters, each of which is a “typographic brick” of the façades of an imaginary town composed of eight districts. In the second installation that looks like a giant mikado, created in 2014, Richard Niessen turns the first one on its head: the 26 posters used burst out of their frame, spread out and are then left in a floating balance, embroached and manhandled. Three unreleased installations complete the first two ones and pursue this work of staging his creations using playful and immersive devices: a new approach to discovering posters !