Gilles de Brock  - If it works, it is not just a temporary solution

25.05.22 TO

Le Signe

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As a figurehead of a generation pushing the limits of graphic design, Gilles de Brock lives and works in the Netherlands. After studies at the Royal Academy of the Arts, where he discovered screen printing with Roosje Klap and coding, programming and generative design with Niels Schrader, he immediately started questioning the limits of the media used by crossing technology and craftsmanship.

The monographic exhibition le Signe is dedicating to him retraces the development of his practice through his different experimental phases. The exhibition design by  Pernelle Poyet is meant to be a time line and at the same time an industrial manufacturing line, and as such illustrates the trajectory  of this graphic designer, who has become company head of a plant manufacturing unique ceramic tiles.

Starting with Gilles de Brock’s early works, generative silkscreened or risograph printed posters, followed by his customized appropriation of tools to adapt to new media, such as rugs or suits with patterns painted by means of an aerograph, up to his ceramic glaze work, the audience will discover the profile of this unusual artist, passionate of the DIY movements  and assertedly self-taught.

The title of the exhibition at le Signe highlights this constant quest, by trial and error, that Gilles de Brock infuses in his work where he succeessively endorses the roles of engineer, artist, designer….

With the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL