Jours de fête 2

15.12.21 TO

Le Signe

Free of charge
without reservation


Exhibition design
Kévin Cadinot

For each edition of the International Poster Competition, le Signe receives about 1500 posters as well as other bequests that make up the Dutailly collection.

The exhibition Jours de Fête² contributes to a broad monstration of our matrimonial and patrimonial heritage built up over all these decades. For the inauguration of a permanent exhibition of pieces from the collections, Jours de Fête² invites the audience to explore the different modes of interaction permitted prior to the injunctions entailed by the sanitary crisis we are going through. 

How have posters and communication embodied these events that are fundamental to our personal development and way of life, these moments of togetherness that now seem so far away and are considered as non-essential?

In this thematic and historical selection from its collection, le Signe invites the audience to reflect upon that acclaimed notion of those “happy days” that are bound to be back one day. 

By contrasting images announcing entertaining events and images testifying the graphic designers’ strong commitment to social issues and practices or their continual work in the cultural and associative field, Jours de Fête² highlights the multiplicity of subjects, commissioners, of designers. Jours de Fête² brings to mind that the emergency of a dramatic health crisis should not divert our attention away from the social, economic, aesthetic and solidary issues that shape our present.