La collection 

08.10.16 TO

Le Signe

The inaugural exhibition of the Centre national du graphisme, « La Collection » was designed as an invitation to a voyage into the poster collection of the Town of Chaumont.

Close to 300 posters were selected and brought together by theme or “field” that are possible entries to the collection: Stages, Politics, Red, Women, Composition, Environment.

This selection mingles vintage and contemporary posters in discovery visit underlining the diversity in the graphic expressions and the quality of the works in the collection.

The exhibition is neither a manifesto nor a “best of”  - hundreds of other posters in the Chaumont collections could also be included in the selection.

The exhibition is designed more in a spirit of encountering and sharing and is like a snapshot of the collections. The exhibition wavers between revelation of the works of the collections and the taming of the new spaces of le Signe, centre national du graphisme in Chaumont