Les Petits Spécimens 1
Tout est dans tout

08.02.17 TO

Le Signe

Free of charge


Four months after its opening, le Signe launched the cycle Les Petits SpĂ©cimens, so as to assert the aim to provide itself with an educational and resource tool for the young audience. This recurring cycle offers the young generations the possibility to discover graphic design, typography,  and more generally, the creation of shapes and signs in space. Designed for the young, but also families and educators and pedagogues who would like to explore new forms of learning and exploring resources and inventive transmission tools. Each edition of the cycle will be designed both for the young and older, confronting their ideas, skills and know-how to observe and articulate the graphic shapes of tomorrow.

The atelier activities are key moments for experimenting, creating, making, inventing and better understanding how graphic shapes, animated objects, digital books, fonts, communication tools, imaginary ways of writing come to be. The activities are led by the educational team of le Signe, some ateliers by guest designers and graphic designers. Typography, coding,  animation, printing techniques, architectural forms, colours, posters, giant letter games and all notions that are addressed in the atelier activities.

The first edition of the cycle starts with a carte blanche handed to a young graphic designer in residency at le Signe, Lucile Bataille. “Tout est dans tout” is a discovery ground deployed to address the notions of scale and the construction of shapes.

The course is centered on the notion of landscape: from large to small, close to far away, inside to outside, from limits, frontiers that can be extended or modified at any time. Lucile Bataille imagined a course that is built around  the connection between different resources, encounters, collaborations: David de Moutis designed the 3D staging of the shapes, SĂ©bastien Biniek imagined the writings of landscapes, the educational team of le Signe proposed all the activities around children’s books, applications, cartoon films, experimental tools and atelier activities to discover shapes, letters and colours.

“Tout est dans tout” proposes a special space for atelier activities so as to be able to experiment the graphic boxes designed by Nicolas Aubert, Aurélien Débat, Patrick Lindsay, Sophie Cure and Aurélien Farina.