Concours international d'affiches 2017

13.05.17 TO

As a testimony of contemporary creation, the 26th International poster competition of Chaumont is one of the major events dedicated to posters in the world. A jury of professionals rewards 3 winning projects and selects about 150 posters for the prestigious exhibition that reflects the topicality, diversity, quality and persistence of posters as a medium around the world. 

A shortlist of posters from the international competition enters the collection. 

“If you consider this competition as a mirror of the world, it is very special mirror, which makes us look towards the margins, the blind spots the backsides of Decaux displays. In this selection there are none of the advertising images that we are confronted with all day long in  the cities.

Let us consider this selection of posters for what it is: a pocket of resistance in this public space full of injunctions to consume. These posters convey singular, subjective voices that in their own way express the complexity of the world, in unusual languages and arrangements that allow for a novel way of observing the world.” Helmo

By joining the Chaumont collection, the posters competing in the international contest contribute to value authors and their productions through a unique approach to heritage.