Faire signe
Exposition du concours étudiant
« Tous à Chaumont »

13.05.17 TO

The complexity of the processes regulating activities in our modern societies — distance, miniaturization and digitalization — leads to different configurations of processing information

and knowledge, resulting in more opacity. The geographer Franco Farinelli sees in this evolution a deep change in the way we observe and build the world : «This is a considerable problem for Western culture, that has built the concept of knowledge upon vision, and that has, in modern times, assimilated knowledge with the idea of certainty of representation. » 

For graphic designers, translating the world around us is an injunction. This observation was proposed as part of the 23rd student contest as a starting point for the development of tools of transmission by using graphic design. The exhibition Faire Signe invites to experiment and to think together about the different devices as well as their way of transmission.