Formes de collaboration

25.05.19 TO

In the Tisza warehouse, the Biennale looks back at the collaborations conducted throughout the year  between designers and different audiences conducted - in le Signe or in audience specific settings.

Further to the output of the international workshops led by Anja Kaiser, Gilles de Brock, Tereza Sdralevich, Jan Bajtlik, Julien Gachadoat and Benjamin Ribeau, the Tisza warehouse is hosting three  studios or designers.

Eddy Terki is presenting the fruit of the Projet Artistique Globalisé ( PAG) he led on typography with primary and secondary school classes in the district of Langres.

Terrains Vague is showing the result of their RĂ©sidence artistique en milieu scolaire with 5th and 6th grade pupils from Chaumont, by proposing an urban  “inventaire graphique” after having recorded sounds, inhabitants, architectural elements and words ( tags, signage…) from the Rochotte neighbourhood in Chaumont.

The studio Adeline & martin is showing the traces of the graphic workshop and illustration of a cookbook designed together with ten asylum seeker families in Chaumont.