Frédéric Teschner
Rue de Paris

23.05.19 TO

Le Signe


Yann Owens

Exhibition design
Kévin Cadinot

Fruit of the meeting between a graphic designer and a printer, the series Rue de Paris represents ten engravings with aquatint by Frédéric Teschner, prize winner of the Chaumont International Poster competition in 2012. 

The series, which was printed by Yann Owens for Franciscopolis éditions after the death of the designer in 2016, emphasizes the close relationship between the notion of the binary in information technology and etchings. 

  This relation between two writings, one being virtual the other engraved in copper plates, between a line made of digital materialized data, and another materialized by etched grooves, sublimates the entire work of the artist.