Workshop Gilles de Brock

20.05.19 TO

Le Signe & Entrepôt Tisza Textile

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Jeunes Pros, Etudiant·e·s

Form follows function, but form also follows the functionalities and limitations of the machine you work with. Designers are always dependent on the chosen medium and they all come with unique restrictions. Silk screen printing is accompanied by a low resolution and offset printing normally doesn’t produce the most vibrant colours. Restrictions determine the design and to get the best result, they need to be embraced. As a designer, I have always enjoyed restrictions because they limit the options and make it easier to form an idea. From all the options in the world, all of a sudden only a few remain and it becomes easier to cherry pick the best ones. 

What happens when a designer builds their own printer and determines the limitations of the medium themself? What kind of interactions does that have as a result? How do you design your own printer?

In this workshop the participants will print with a custom machine with some very strong and decisive limitations. They will get out of their design comfort zone and make something new without the preconceptions that exists with any of the default media. 

The printing may be on curtain, on wall paper, on ceramics. The exhibition could be a t-shirt shop or a curtain maze — anything is possible when you define your own restrictions.