Les Murs voix

26.05.21 TO

Le Signe

Inscriptions terminées

"If signs upset you, when will signified things upset you?" 
François Rabelais

Opening an unknown space in this common one is strangling. Offering intriguing forms in a lively and constructed urban space. Creating artistic media that interconnect typography, colour, objects and paper bearing unspeakable messages and the turmoil they cause. By means of this impacting and visible graphic system, we aim to consider the reach of signs and their impact on the human spirit.

By drawing inspiration from the protocol invented by Marguerite Stern ( using whit sheets of paper size A4, black paint, poster glue) the idea is to support the forms of the “feminicide collages” and aiming at prolonging the work with a website. The workshop and the collages will thus encourage and diversify expressions of urban and committed graphic design that can be easily reproduced and are economical and visually efficient, it will value the relation between graphic design and the message, propose inclusive forms of expression in the cities.

The students will take part in the definition of a range of media, formats, typographies, abstract forms and colours, in combing and composing within the urban space according simple rules of the game. This workshop invites the students to take part in a temporary and a long lasting ( design of scenographic structures) making of a graphic work in Chaumont, based on the recycling of material provided locally. This work may just be started or completely implemented, depending on the sanitary restriction of the period, since a part of the making of the work is based on “mock-ups” that can be designed at a distance. These mock-ups will be shared on the account @feminisme.en.forme.s. after the workshop. ( The ambiguity concerning the actual presence or not of the collages in the town will be deliberately maintained.)

A day of remote workshop at the beginning of May precedes the four days of presence at the opening of the Biennale internationale de design graphique from 25 to 29 May 2021.