27.05.21 TO

Le Signe

Free of charge


Ouvert du mercredi au dimanche de 14h à 18h 

In a citizen approach, and with the partnership of Le Colibri – a living place for minors – in concertation with the young participants and participants, the subject addressed allowed for a reflexion upon what is called design of public utility. The idea was to create the conditions for the appearance of a utopic currency, question the notions of value and transactional objects.

By questioning the notion of the exchange value and sharing cultural references they have, the project expresses metaphorically the young’s aspirations for new dialogue and exchange systems.

Through six workshops of two hours each, the participants took part in the different steps of creation in order to create their own currency, bearing a theme of their choice. Each workshop was dedicated to a specific graphic design practice, from iconography, typography, grid construction, rasters, colour to printing.

Beyond the form itself, they also focused on the definition of this exchanged object, or currency. The outcome led to printing seven banknotes, printed on beach towels and other unusual media.

We thank the establishment le Colibri, its head and educators and especially the participants, Abigaëlle, Amélia, Anaïs, Bryan, Cloé, Luan, Quentin for the involvement and committed work all along the workshops.