Projet Artistique Globalisé : OX

27.05.21 TO

Espace Bouchardon

Free of charge


Ouvert du mercredi au samedi de 14h Ă  18h
Ouverture exceptionnelle les dimanches 20 et 27 juin.


Le Signe invited the artist OX to work with five classes of pupils in Chaumont and surroundings in a Projet Artistique Globalisé on the relationship between the image and its environment, in order to engage a playful dialogue with public space.

The project, entitled “La ville me parle” invites the pupils to gather in their daily urban environment traces and signs that they only rarely pay attention to that yet seem to be of interest…. These signs that appear haphazardly or by degraded materials take on abstract forms. Once chosen and retranscribed, OX invites them to reintegrate them in a new place, which grants them a completely different status.