Prospectives graphiques

27.05.21 TO

Le Signe

Free of charge
without reservation


Curator & Scenography
Sébastien Noguera
Charles Gautier

This research and creative residency Prospectives graphiques was launched in 2019 by le Signe, centre national du graphisme together with ANDRA – Agence nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs. ( National Agency for the management of radioactive waste)

Prospectives graphiques was the opportunity for Sébastien Noguera and Charles Gautier to initiate original, theoretical and plastic research and develop forms and investigate the semantic and informative issues of signage systems on a multi-millennium  scale.

 The association between the graphic designer and the researcher in linguistics made it possible to invest this territory bearing important current and future social issues with questions about transmission inherent to graphic design. In this context of warning, prevention, of danger, where hypotheses on possible communication modes with societies unknown at the present are made, this research has made it possible to establish a glossary of language and plastic materials, of signs that will resist to time and matter.