Raphaƫl Garnier - Art'bracadabra, l'exposition

12.03.21 TO

Chapelle des JĆ©suites

Free of charge


Ouvert tous les jours de 14h Ć  18h30 et Ć©galement de 10h Ć  12h30 le mercredi et samedi.
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Curator & Scenography
Raphaƫl Garnier

RaphaĆ«l Garnier is creative director and artist. His artistic practice engages graphic design means, tools and methodologies. His narrations are constructed on various media such as record sleeves, clothing, books and posters. 

For the Biennale internationale de design graphique, he is offering a fantastic story of dreams of elsewhere, of the changing status of a teenager living in the very heart of the most rural regions of France. This gaze full of tenderness on a provincial reality, more specifically on youth in a rural environment, is unfolded in eight stations in the Chapelle des JĆ©suites. It is accompanied by the exhibition Art-chĆ©ologie, produced by the Centre Pompidou. 

Art'bracadabra, l'exposition benefits from partnership with the City of Chaumont, CAC Kiosk, and the Centre Pompidou.