StudioKargah - Kenophobic City Tales

27.05.21 TO

Espace Bouchardon

Free of charge


Ouvert du mercredi au samedi de 14h à 18h
Ouverture exceptionnelle les dimanches 20 et 27 juin

The Biennale internationale de design graphique is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Studio Kargah. Twenty years of cultural production that has undeniably contributed to graphic design and visual culture in Iran. 

Iran, this faraway country with its manifold unfurled imageries has not only a great calligraphic culture but also a graphic one. The studio Kargah, based in Tehran was founded by Aria Kasaei and Peyman Pourhosein in 2001. They specialized in visual identities, especially for cultural and artistic institutions and have over the years developed a protean style based on typography, photography and drawing where the Persian and Latin alphabets are combined, pushing the limits of narrative abstraction. 

A project by Gonbad-e-Kaboud and StudioKargah.

Artistic Counseling and Project Management : Azin Nafar