Aristide Bruant dans son cabaret

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Seen from the back and in profile, the famous cabaret singer Aristide Bruant, is clearly identifiable by his gloves, his black felt hat and his red flannel scarf.  These accessories embody the character Bruant more than his own face. As a famous singer of the Chat Noir Cabaret, he was acclaimed by the late 19th century society for the songs he wrote in favour of working class struggles.

The Tout- Paris came to know Aristide Bruant’s silhouette by the many lithographies Toulouse-Lautrec made of him for his performances. The influence of Japanese woodblock prints is clearly visible by the vast colour flats and the black outlining of the face. The tightened frame around Bruant’s bust is evidence for the growing interest in a new artistic medium: photography. 

Format : 139,1 X 100,4 cm
Technique : Lithographie
Année de création : 1892
Pays d’origine : France
N° d'inventaire : A373