Cabaret op papier

Max Kisman

Max Kisman, internationally renowned and considered as one of the pioneers of digital technology in graphic design in the 1980’s, has worked for many different commissioners. Member of AGI since 2002, his practice combines illustration, identities, type face design, televised graphic design and education.

The geometrically shaped central character, recurring in his production, is toasting to the spectators. The aesthetics of the poster, recalling paper cuttings, refers to the theme of the “Cabaret op papier”, which was an exhibition for the 69th anniversary of the founding of the paper merchant Proost en Brandt.

Format : 119 x 175 m
Technique : SĂ©rigraphie
Année de création : 2004
Pays d’origine : Pays-Bas
N° d'inventaire : 16.058.0196

Cabaret op papier

(c) Max Kisman