Chocolat Menier

Firmin Bouisset

 By associating the image of sweets with that of childhood and lightheartedness, Firmin Bouisset makes use of clichĂ©s for this tremendously successful poster. The realistic representation of the girl from the back – without any physical characteristics – and dressed in the style of the time reinforces the passer-by’s process of identification. What the child is writing can just as well refer to writing on the black board at school as to urban graffiti. It is noticeable that the child needed a second attempt to write the complete name of the brand, the name Menier thus being repeated three times on this poster so as to be engraved in the subconsciousness of the spectator and future client.

Format : 130,8 x 99,8 cm
Technique : Chromolithographie
Année de création : 1892
Pays d’origine : France
N° d'inventaire : A3086