Heshi Paper Products

Chao Zhao

Selected for the 28th International Posters Competition of Chaumont, 2019

Chao Zhao, designer, was born in Shanxi and now lives in Shenzhen. He graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts and obtained a bachelor's degree, is Trustee of Shenzhen Graphic Design Association(SGDA). 

Since 2009, he has won numerous awards in poster competitions all over the world. When glancing at this poster, the first thing you see is the vein structure of the wood, or rather a white woodprint of this structure. 


Once you get closer, you discover in the background a colour photo of a leafy forest in front of a clear blue sky: a very artistic representation of what constitutes the main raw material used in paper manufacture: trees and more globally plants. 

Indeed, the commissioner of this poster is Heshi Paper Products, a supplier of high quality, environmentally friendly paper. The poster is a visual translation of their values around craftsmanship calling on natural resources, at the same time preserving nature. Unlike in Western countries, posters in China are mainly displayed indoors, in institutions, bookstores, art spaces, shops, etc., which plays on their composition – often full of details – and their printing techniques. 

Their function goes beyond the announcement or message and may contribute to the promotion of well-being, happiness through images and symbols created according to ancestral traditions, in symbiosis with this same nature, combined with current trends and technologies.  

Format : 100 X 70 cm
Technique : Impression numérique
Année de création : 2018
Pays d’origine : Chine
Commanditaire : Xi'an Heshi Paper Products Co., Ltd
N° d'inventaire : 28.105.0240 a

(c) Chao Zhao

(c) Chao Zhao