KADR Theater

Dmitry Rekin

Selected for the 28th International Posters Competition of Chaumont Biennale internationale de design graphique 2019

Dmitry Rein was born in Nizhny Novgorod (RU) in 1973, graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod Sate Architectural and Construction Academy.  He founded the author’s workshop RekinArt in 2006 and is co-founder of the “Strelka” International Design Festival that same year.

The poster series for the experimental theatre KADR (shot in English) based in Novgorod reflects the hybrid and experimental aspects of the seasonal program that features plays, masterclasses as well as interactive performances.

Each poster is organized as a rebus, visually indicating the title of the show.
In the centre of the composition, ancient fragments, bearing the handwritten titles of the events, reflect the monumentality of theatre.  Around them, the iconography and the surrealist colours complete the composition, thus conferring a feeling of strangeness related to the creative emotion of the performance, its variety and ingenuity. As in the great surrealist works, each image has its meaning. For instance, in the poster Shot3, the iconography around masks and silence introduce the performance entitled “Secret Players Language”. 


Format : 100 X 70 cm
Technique : Impression numérique
Année de création : 2018
Pays d’origine : Russie
Commanditaire : KADR Theater
N° d'inventaire : 28.210.0486 a

(c) Dmitry Rekin

(c) Dmitry Rekin