Radovan Jenko

“By shaking hands, you become peer-to-peer. It is the sign of agreement and mutual trust and also a way of congratulating each other for having done business together.”

The image of this gesture typical of our Western cultures has a strong symbolic value. In the poster for the play Kontrakt by the Polish playwright Sławomir Mrożek, Jenko Radovan turns this familiar image around and replaces one hand by a foot. The hand wearing a suit and white shirt with cufflinks reaches down to a foot extending from a ragged trouser leg, hence foreshadowing the identity and social imbroglio to come.

Format : 98 X 69 cm
Technique : Offset Couleur
Année de création : 1988
Pays d’origine : Slovénie
Commanditaire : SNG Drama Ljubljana – Théâtre National Slovène de Ljubljana
N° d'inventaire : 01.083.0397


(c) Radovan Jenko