Salle Wagram

Alfred Choubrac

What was to become the Salle Wagram was initially the Dourlans Ball, located near to the Place de l’Étoile and already appreciated by the Parisians for its garden, dance floor, lanterns. In 1865, the architect Adrien Fleuret was confided with the transformation of this bucolic venue to a sumptuous ballroom with its magnificent ceiling and colonnades typical of the Second Empire style.

In this poster Alfred Choubrac, one of the pioneers in the art of illustrated postermaking in the Belle Époque, highlights the architecture of the ballroom. The perspective gives the impression of an immense and endless room as if it were opening to become a forum, where a crowd gets together to dance, toast, proclaim, share…. On top of all that, it’s free of charge for ladies!

Format : 40 x 56 cm
Technique : Chromolithographie
Année de création : 1890
Pays d’origine : France
N° d'inventaire : A872

Salle Wagram

(c) Alfred Choubrac