Three Centimetres

Sara Cristina Moser

Selected for the 28th International Posters Competition of Chaumont, 2019 

In this poster, the title of the short film Trois-centimètres by the Lebanese film director Lara Zeidan, takes up practically the whole surface with the Roman numeral “three” standing tall like antique columns in front of a blurred red horizon under a pink sky. The three columns of the numeral all have different shapes, evoking the different faces of one same individual, which could be rigour, hesitation, sensuality…

The film follows a group of young female friends taking a ride on a Ferris wheel. During this claustrophobic ride above the city of Beirut, they come to talk about intimate subjects through their unexpected confessions that reveal hidden faces of each of the young womxn.

This poster was designed for the exhibition Posterwomen x Furora Film Festival, for the Furora Film Festival in Berlin in 2018.

Sara Cristina Moser is a German communication designer and art director based in Berlin. After completing the diploma at the Stuttgart State Academy of Arts and Design, she worked internationally and is now running her own independent studio in Berlin. Sara Cristina Moser is working in a variety of cultural, institutional, art and economic fields as well as on self-initiated projects. She is part of "Verlag fĂĽr HandbĂĽcher" ("publishing house for handbooks“), that publishes artist books with the focus to explore new perspectives between art, the environment and function.

Format : 84.1 X 59.4 cm
Technique : Impression numérique
Année de création : 2018
Pays d’origine : Allemagne
Commanditaire : Posterwomen x Furora Film Festival
N° d'inventaire : 28.110.0250

(c) Studio Sara Cristina Moser