Les petits spécimens 3
Tout en un

06.03.19 TO

Le Signe


Curator & Scenography
Marion Bataille
Fanny Millard

For two years now, le Signe celebrates spring with its course dedicated to the young audience and invites families, school children and the general public who want to explore graphic design in a playful manner.

The course is not just an exhibition. It is a series of atelier activities, multi-media resources that allow for multiple entries into the theme, which in this 2019 edition deals with urban space and architecture.

The third edition, called Tout en un, shows modules created by Marion Bataille, children’s book author, graphic designer and illustrator, and Fanny Millard of  EXTRA – architect, author, graphic designer and space editor. These modules host activities, ateliers and resources and are the setting for life sized construction games that the audience is invited to organize and build together.

By constructing, the notions of urban space and architecture, traffic and movement, volume and modulation are developed as well as values such as recycling, eco-design and eco-construction. Participative games question the civic spirit of the individuals, the collective, of private and the public space.