Les Petits Spécimens 2
Tout se transforme

14.02.18 TO

Le Signe


Curator & Scenography
Catherine di Sciullo


Les Petits Spécimens is a cultural and artistic cycle dedicated to the young audience and families.

The second edition explores visual and digital design with a course for the young that is resolutely immersive and interactive. “Tout se transforme” is a corpus of technological and graphic works that explore the infinite possibilities in the dialogue between music and image.

Les Petits SpĂ©cimens is a playful introduction to design in all its forms. Its aim is to develop an obvious relation between art and daily life. The project aims at having fun playing as an act of imagination, creativity. The children play and learn. It is a trampoline for imagining together -  

parents, educators, pedagogues – new ways of learning.

For the first edition in 2017 launched a few months after the opening of the building, the audience was present : 4300 visitors came to immerse in the installations of « Tout est dans tout Â», test the collections of applications, films and books, explore the graphic tools and invent paper or digital forms during the activities. Lucile  Bataille, graphic designer, thus deployed her graphic tools for the transmission of knowledge and designed the landscape furniture.
For the second edition, Catherine Di Sciullo, curator, invited the visual design studio Chevalvert to design the stage design and the visual identity. During a creation residency, Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet, co-founders of the studio Chevalvert, created new works in collaboration with Julia Puyo Calvo and Arnaud Juracek. This course recalls a factory, stages raw materials, machines and movements, that all allow for the transformation of disposed elements. Forms and objects are magically turned into music scores, light architecture, evolving graphic paintings.

Tout se transforme. Everything changes as you like it. You are  free to make your own experience in the four installations. They can be played together with others, using your voice, your body. Everyone becomes a conductor, a composer- as you wish.