Locomotions I

01.08.19 TO

Le Signe


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4, 15 et 25 ao没t 

脌 15h

Dur茅e : 1h

Virginie Vignon

Exhibition design
Pernelle Poyet

Designing modes of individual transport by means of posters


The question of 鈥淟ocomotions鈥 throughout the poster collections of the town of Chaumont (approximately 500 items) leads us to reflect upon the dominating place taken up by this field of activity from the late 19th century up until now.

The term relates to the faculty of certain living beings to move, yet it also and foremost pertains to the action of moving and the means developed by humans to do so.

Facing this issue which is particularly resonating in 2019 with the exhibitions Mobile / Immobile. Artists and researchers exploring our ways of life at the Archives Nationales ( Paris) and Grande vitesse ferroviaire at the Cit茅 des Sciences et de l鈥橧ndustrie ( Paris), le Signe has chosen to address locomotions in two stages and hence to favour complementarity viewpoints on  their development through posters.

In view of the  chronology, the first exhibition presents the individual means of transport with about thirty posters whereas collective modes of transport will be addressed in a second exhibition in the summer of 2020.

Considering the extent of the subject, the show aims at presenting the development of the modes of transport in Europe and across the world and above all the way the subject is addressed in poster design.