Myr Muratet, Zone de confort

04.11.20 TO

Le Signe

Free of charge


Among the subjects photographed by Myr Muratet, there is urban wasteland, the street, the people and life dwelling there. The artist’s wanders and the images collected combine familiar places with a form of exoticism. Without being biased, they demonstrate a commitment without attachment.

The exhibition will show images from major series in his journey: Paris-Nord, Wasteland, CityWalk, La flora des friches. In a form laid out for the galerie of le Signe and imagined by Myr Muratet  together with the graphic designer Mathias Schweizer, the exhibition also presents images produced as of the 1980s, in collaboration with graphic designers and studios that have made the history of graphic design in France - such as Grapus, Les Graphistes Associés, Building Graphisme, Mathias Schweizer, Jean-Marc Ballée, Vincent Perrottet or Marie Pellaton.