The project

As an art centre dedicated to graphic design, le Signe, housed in a unique architectural  setting, is supported by the Town of Chaumont, the RĂ©gion Grand Est and the Ministère de la Culture, who together constitute a Groupement d’intĂ©ret public ( GIP).

 As an art centre dedicated to graphic design, le Signe is a hub for production, diffusion and support to creation, a venue for dialogue and mediation between the  artistic graphic design field and the different audiences  

Its extensive programme of exhibitions, workshops, training courses and residencies contributes to the recognition, the development and outreach of graphic design in France and in the world.

The town of Chaumont, which owns a remarkable collection of vintage posters bequeathed in 1906, has become a stronghold for graphic design since the creation of an annual festival in1990 comprising an international competition whose entries have contributed to the constitution of a collection of contemporary posters.

This festival, now a biennial organized by le Signe, has been a key event for artists and graphic designers from around the world for close to 30 years.