One of e missions of le Signe being the development of actions for an initiation and multiplying the access to different forms of graphic design for a variety of audiences by implying professional graphic designers themselves in order to create a dynamic relationship between the invited designers, exhibitions and the audience.

A collection of graphic tool boxes 

An extensive educational file is compiled for each exhibition. These files offer different points of view on the exhibited works, educational advice, bibliographical references, and also support a more general pedagogical approach to graphic design.

Educational files

In order to lead ateliers to experiment and discover graphic design, these ateliers/workshops are organized at le Signe and out-of-house, upon request.

Teaching ateliers and artistic practices 

In order to accompany the audience through ateliers in different formats that are adapted to the aims induced by the action itself.

Information : Alexandra Magnien


Graphic Tool Boxes

Ever since its opening, le Signe has been acquiring tools for transmitting graphic design in order to be able to offer all year round  ateliers/ workshops that have been created by designers and are related to the programme.

Today, le Signe owns seven graphic tool boxes designed by Sophie Cure, AurƩlien Farina, AurƩlien DƩbat, Nicolas Aubert, Patric Lindsay, Julien Molland and Adrien Chacon.

The graphic boxes are real tools that contribute to the transmission of important notions of graphic design ( patterns, grids, typography, composition, superposition, printing techniques, links between image and sound, image and movement, ā€¦) and invite all to let their imagination go free to produce images with regards to specific themes, constraints, techniques.

Educational files 

The educational tools are designed for teaching staff who would like to discover le Signe, its exhibitions and work on them with their pupils. They are designed to present the scientific content born by the collections and exhibitions and to reply to the requirements of the curricula of Education Nationale, depending on the different school levels.

These tools are a support for an autonomous visit of le Signe and allow for a preparation prior to or after a visit, in the classroom. The aim is to help the teachers by accompanying them in their approach, without actually handing them ready made exercices.

Teaching ateliers and artistic practices 

Le Signe offers the audience ateliers/workshops that are innovating and of high quality by their content and form.

These ateliers/workshops allow the participants to get hands-on experience of graphic design by playful activities related to the exhibitions presented.
Initiation to creative techniques, active visits for children as of 3 years old, and also family activities, le Signe offers a variety of ateliers for discovering different practices and media.

Participative ateliers, school activities, workshops, lectures, guided visits, long-term projects, PAG ( Projet artistique globalise ā€“ artists working on a project with a number of school classes in the dĆ©partement of Haute-Marne), PREAC ( PĆ“le de ressources dā€™Ć©ducation artistique et culturelle, provided for teachers and also cultural actors of the territory), etc.