Anja Kaiser


Whether in activist settings or pop-cultural scenes, Anja Kaiser is looking for potential means to actively and collectively shape society. In cooperation with various subcultural spaces and feminist groups she contributed to projects and their graphical translation. In her own work she investigates the human body as inevitable object of projection for biologically founded determinisms and means of deconstruction. She works at the junction of graphic design, art, music and forms of digital self-empowerment. Through her posters, animated digital images and towel editions that carry her signature of radical aesthetics, she leverages a wider public awareness for her topics.

Anja Kaiser (born 1986, lives and works in Leipzig)  works as an independent graphic designer since 2011. From 2014 to 2018 she was an artistic associate at the department of type and typography at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design. She is regularly invited to give lectures and workshops in Germany and abroad, most recently at the Biennale of Graphic Design in Chaumont or the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival in Lucerne. In 2017 she received the INFORM award of the Galerie for Contemporary Art Leipzig, honouring design practices on the crossover between graphic design and visual arts. Recently her work Whose.Agency was nominated for the shortlist of the renowned Beazley Design of the Year 2019 and exhibited at the Design Museum in London.