Mathias Schweizer

France & Suisse

The prolific Franco-Swiss graphic designer Mathias Schweizer created the first visual identity used by Le Signe, Centre national du graphisme, in 2018. After studying at the École d’arts appliqués de la Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, he started out by working as a member of Graphistes Associés along with Vincent Perrottet before setting out on his own. His work led to winning the Prix suisse de design in 2020 and the Icograda prize at the Chaumont Festival in 2014, where he curated exhibitions and presented his own design productions.                                                                                           Schweizer’s approach to images is thoughtful. He interrogates the graphic representations that surround us and that we look at without necessarily questioning their meaning. His work continuously navigates between multiple means of expression such as video, typographic design, images and music.