Naïma Ben Ayed


Naïma Ben Ayed grew up in Provence. She graduated from Ecole Estienne in visual communication and a superior degree in applied arts in type design.
She has lived in London since 2012 where she has specialised in the design of Arab and Latin letters in a multi-script context.  She worked for Dalton Maag until 2018 where she designed  Intel Clear Arabic ( custom type for Intel), Interface Arabic ( maghrebi inspired retail font), Mokoko ( a not so geometric slab serif family).
In 2019, she founded her own studio. Her practice  turns around the idea of “telling stories with letters” by means of Arab and Latin letter, character, lettering and visual identity design. She is associated with the ABCDinamo Foundry, Future Fonts and Swiss Typefaces. She regularly conducts workshops for character design and digital lettering using  Arab , Latin or both alphabets, namely Lettering Matchmaking at Esav Marrakech and Latin Letters Made in Armenia, co-conducted with Riccardo De Franceschi at the Tumo Center in Yerevan in Armenia. Naïma is member of teh Alphabettes community and their tutoring scheme.